It has been over 3 months since I last wrote about marathon training and the plan I chose. If life was perfect I would be closing in on finishing the plan. Life is definitely far from perfect. I love data, and I noticed I can directly correlate life events to the amount mileage per week, both in good and in bad.

Marathon Training Chart

Data Point A –  I moved from New York to Tennessee, requiring 2 days of drive time and moving all of my personal belongings (I am a minimalist, everything I own fits nicely into my car with room to spare). I had completed my marathon training plan without issue through the initial 3 weeks, but this move forced running to the backseat. I did not start to make gains and get back towards my plan until data point B.

Data Point B –  This marked a high point for my training in Tennessee, tt took 3 weeks to get to where I could continue almost back on track. It didn’t last. Point B marks where I had to move to a different living arrangement to finish the remainder of my time in Tennessee.

Data Point C –  I stayed at the new location for exactly two weeks, my level of comfort was low, as such my miles suffered. I upped my miles in the second week, but nothing worth gloating about as seen by point C. My biggest drop since I began running was about to happen. On the tail of point C,week 9 – my lowest point of miles to date, my contract was over in Tennesse and it was time to return to Los Angeles. I clocked a miserable 6 miles but was headed to a more permanent life situation.

Data Point D –  Between C and D are highs and lows, they are all good data points though. Week 11 is when I overnighted Mount Baldy at 10,000 feet and Week 13 I opted to play beach volleyball instead of completing my Sunday long run. While choosing a day at the beach over a long run may not seem like the dedicated training it is healthy to take a break, besides it was a wise decision for my muscles as I ramped up quickly to 50 miles from a low of 6 miles five weeks prior.

What I can extrapolate from this data about myself is that while I may make the claim that I am easy going and able to live life in travel mode. I clearly cannot. The data doesn’t lie, if I were more apt to travel those valleys should be shallower or I should have been able to stay on my marathon training schedule throughout those weeks. So while it has been 16 weeks since I began my plan, I only consider myself on week 9 of the plan. Hopefully going forward I can level out these weeks and become a bit more consistent in my marathon training, for now though, this will have to do.