Marathon Training Plan 26.2Originally I thought coming off my first road race I would begin marathon training for November. Well life has changed and I doubt I will be running in the Raleigh Marathon anytime soon. With that said though, I officially started marathon training today with a plan to run in the Spring of 2013.

Coming off the Utica Boilermaker the plan was to take a single day of rest and go into high mileage (50+ mpw) with 6 days on, 1 being hill and 1 interval training. First day out I realized I was in pain, left calf was not playing nicely. It hadn’t felt in great form during the 15k but I assumed that was due to weaving through traffic and running the hill because I did not seem to have any issue in the last few miles. I pushed on and ran 3 days post race, all at extremely easy paces and not overly long distances, the pain cut me short on Friday at about 2 miles. I decided to take a few days off and assess how I felt on Monday.

Monday came around and only one thing came to mind, it was that my shoes were destroyed and it was time to replace them. My last pair of shoes, the Nike Dual Fusion ST, had seen roughly about 400 road miles, another 20 or so hiking in the woods, and then some Asics GT-2170 Running Shoesday to day usage. Weird to think I had already burned through my first pair of shoes, but by casually glancing at the bottom you could tell they were my issue. After trying on several different pairs of Nike, New Balance, and Asics I settled on the GT-2170s to be my new marathon training shoe for the next few months.

During the day reading /r/running on Reddit I came across a marathon training plan (included at the bottom) that seemed to fit the level I was at and has a good growth to get me back in the swing of things. Perfect, within 2 months I will be back at 40 mile weeks headed towards 50. Probably right where I need to be if I plan on doing a marathon sometime in the next 6-8 months depending on what state I end up in.

Today marked the beginning of that plan as I did my first 3 mile run in my new Asics. Even though it was supposed to be an easy run I felt I had a little extra gas in the tank from the few days off. Sure enough, 3.12 miles at 7:20/mile pace and at the end I felt I probably could have pushed a little harder. No pain throughout my left leg and the shoes felt pretty solid minus one blister on my right foot. Good start, tomorrow I will be doing 5 miles in the hills with a 750ft elevation climb.

If all goes according to plan once I hit week 14 I won’t taper since I am not planning on a race, I will continue at that level or add more miles and push towards the 60-70 mpw marker. Overall my entire goal is to be able to accomplish a 3 hour marathon in 2013, we shall see, but this is where it all starts.

Marathon Training Plan 26.2

Source: Runner’s World

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