Providing search engine results can be sometimes painful, usually time consuming, and always subject to sudden change compliments of a supreme entity. But what if you shared a business name or a personal name with a celebrity or other mythical beast such as Michael Bolton, what would you do then? That is the only thing I could think about while I watched Office Space.

Michael Bolton Office SpaceIf you’ve never seen the movie Office Space you probably should. That would be great, thanks. Anyways, enough Bill Lumbergh for one post. We should move on and talk about the point of this post.

Michael Bolton Strategy

Even if you want to play the role of Rudy or David, don’t. It really isn’t worth your time. Accept the fact that company Michael Bolton, Inc. or Michael Bolton celebrity will most likely dominate the first page of Google/Bing until you are old and gray. If odds are that someone searching more likely than not wanted them as the result, then you will never retain a top spot. Truly anything after the 3rd position on a SERP is worthless, who actually goes to the O in Google? They’ve gone too far, nothing relevant exists after page one.

My initial thought is to change your name. No I don’t mean go down to local courthouse and revert it from Ochocinco to Johnson. I mean utilize a shortening such as Mike, or a middle name. Brand yourself differently. If you are a company utilize your initialization or actually change your name to something stronger. There is no reason to continue business under your existing name if your organic search results for your business name are always going to be dominated. A stark reminder of this is a corporation who has one of their subsidiaries poisoned in pop culture or the media. What is the response every time? Spin off a new subsidiary or product name and market accordingly from there. Most people wouldn’t think that the company who produces Fancy Feast is also responsible for their beloved Butterfingers.

If that is not an option let’s start off with the basics. First utilize all the social networks within reach and make them public. Google now is experimenting with “Verified Author”, so Google+ is more important than ever to promoting your message. You need to be moderately active on any social platform, no benefit exists behind registering, tweeting once, and letting it take up a search result spot even though it is no longer updated.

The second step would be to make sure you have followed all the SEO basics and optimized your page content. This is including but not limited to page titles, alt and title tags, meta descriptions, and internal linking. If you haven’t even considered the bare bones basics you should reference an initial guide like the one found over at SEOmoz called ‘The Free Beginner’s Guide to SEO‘. It is the best place to start.

Third would be to look at long keywords, such as ‘michael bolton real estate’ or ‘michael bolton mortgage lending’. Can you target those and utilize them in your strategy to retain good results? Obviously if they are including the word mortgage lending or real estate they are not inclined to be looking for the latest LP pressing on vinyl. That is your market. You will also want to find more industry specific strings that are low competition and a decent search volume that do not include your name. Attack those as well.

Finally, produce quality content. Content you know that will be read and enjoyed by the people who frequent your website. Don’t produce crap. No one wants to read something that contains your focused keyword in every other sentence. If that were the case I would use Michael Bolton a lot more than I used Michael Bolton since I figured screw it, why not try and take on Michael Bolton in this post and use Michael Bolton as my focus keyword.