Startup and PlayStartup and Play has been a passion project for Aaron and myself since around March of this year. We happened to meet at the most awesome social in the Triangle, !ExitEvent, thanks to an introduction by George Junginger in February. Sometime in March we sat down outside Tyler’s at American Tobacco to enjoy an afternoon beer while discussing startups, the community, and what we could do to help the Triangle. Little did I know that just over two months later we would be scrambling to put the final touches on what would be our first event, our first successful event.

We learned a lot, things like it was too loud, that Derrick Minor has the reach of a Greek God in the Triangle community, and that people wanted free beer (sorry I couldn’t foot the bill that night). We also learned that our format worked, the community was behind it, and that we were going to do this again.  June became a month of reflection, I was going through some changes and prepping to leave Raleigh, while Aaron was hard at work with Triangle Engagement. We did a final meeting and put down some responsibilities going forward (much of those fell on Aaron) and off we went.

So here we are, less than 48 hours away from the second iteration and things are starting to heat up. We have hit 210 RSVPs, 10 more than we had for the May event. The ground swell of support we have gotten from the previous participating companies and the current participating companies is overwhelming. We have a great venue being provided by LocalSense. Finally we have 12 awesome companies coming out to engage with the community. What could be better?

I just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who helped us along the way, the companies, the sponsors, all the people that have come out to the event and told their friends, and finally everyone who has mentioned us on Twitter. Without the community and all the support this event would have been scrapped back in June.

Event Registration:
Email: fun [at]
Startup And Play is August 22 at LocalSense Headquarters from 6-9pm.